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Why does this app exist?

I've tried many media managers and streamers. They all seemed to lack one cohesive environment. Plugin's for this and that...some update, some don't. Biggest issue I had was plugins only supporting one patch level and trying to keep everything in sync across my servers and workstations along with 100% linux support. As they say the rest is history and I starting cutting code......

What is it?

Yet another media streaming server and client application suite. Also includes media management and remote conrol software to run on a tablet.


  • 100% Open Source, no "premium", paid betas, restricted access or other nonsense.
  • Native server will run under MacOSX, Linux and Windows via Docker
  • Native client support for Android, iOS, MacOSX, Linux and Windows
  • "Slave" servers for streaming to balance the load with many clients streaming at once via Docker Swarm
  • "Link" servers together so they can display each others media
  • Central database implemented via Postgresql 9.5+
  • Remote control software to run on a touch tablet/phone
  • Dedicated OS builds for the following:
    • Client:
      • img file for Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 (Linux based)
      • ISO/img for install on dedicated client hardware (Linux based)
    • Server: All server images are simply Alpine Linux with Docker and Docker Compose with the images downloaded for immediate use.
      • OVA for VMWare 5.x or 6.x
      • OVA for VirtualBox 5.x
      • OVA for Proxmox VE 4.2
      • 64-bit ISO/img for install on dedicated server hardware
    • Offsite Storage Support:
      • AWS S3
      • Backblaze - in progress
      • Crashplan - in progress
      • Dropbox - in progress
      • Google Drive - in progress
      • OneDrive - in progress

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